Create a flavour!

Using the design cycle to create a delicious hot drink!

* Brrr its cold outside *

The weather outside is frightful!
But the chocolate is so delightful?
When temperatures drop, we look for comforts to keep us warm and tingly inside.
Wrapping your fingers around a warm cup of deliciousness makes the snow and wind worthwhile.

Design a hot chocolate flavour that is inspired by the holiday season.

In a small group of 3-4 people, design a hot chocolate flavour.

Design Brief:
Part 1: A local coffee shop is looking for a new and delicious holiday inspired hot chocolate. All the flavours will use a standard "hot chocolate mix". The flavour needs to be appealing to all ages and be easily created by a coffee barrista.
Part 2: When the flavour has been decided, create a poster advertising your new holiday hot chocolate.

Remember: Use the design cycle and record information at each stage!

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Investigate: What are popular flavours that are associated with the holidays?

- How will you collect information?
- How will you record your findings?

Design/Plan: What will the best flavour be?

- Consider the information from your investigation.
- Must have three different flavours.
- Choose the best and justify.
- Draw Pictures, Collect images, Make a recipe of ingredients.

Create: How will you make this flavour?

- Test and re-evaluate along the way.
- Record all information in your sketchbook!

Evaluate: Taste Test!

- Taste other flavours and evaluate using the score card.
- Which flavour will be the favourite?

Hot Chocolate - 4th/5th Grade Christmas Sing