Manuel Noriega

"Most feared man in the country."


Manuel Noriega, born in the year 1934 in Panama City, Panama. He attended Peru's Military Academy for Chorrillos and quickly rose through the ranks as he grew older. Noriega showed exceptional skill and strength, he had caught the eyes of the U.S.A. The United States recruited him as a CIA informant, he was to let the U.S. in on Latin American secrets and anything else that should be known, in return the U.S. would pay Noriega with money. By 1983 Noriega had total control of the country, which included the military and the government, he was elected as president by the people. However the next time elections came around there was no opposition to be found, it had been said that Noriega orchestrated "disappearances" of his political opponents, Noriega was also said to have rigged the 1989 elections. Manuel Noriega became a double agent, he would relay information to the U.S. but he would also give out information about the U.S. to other Latin American such as Noriega's close friend, Fidel Castro of Cuba. Noriega was not only a double agent but he had also been guilty of links with the Colombian drug lord Medellin Cartel, drug trafficking, and his hands had been dirty with drug money, the man was filthy rich. The U.S. decided that they needed to put a stop to this tyrant so in 1989 president Bush had U.S. troops invade Panama to get Noriega out, and bring him to the U.S.A for trial. Eventually the U.S. troops arrested Noriega and he was brought to the U.S., he was indicted in the United States for election fraud, drug trafficking, money laundering, espionage against the U.S.A., and murder. In 1992 Noriega was sentenced to 40 years imprisonment.

The Downfall of Manuel Noriega

Downfall of Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega

Manuel Noriega

I feel that this piece of information is important because it's a shortened version of what happend. It explains how the capturing of Noriega went down and how hard it was to get him. Noriega walks out willingly after days, it just allows a view upon the way the entire arrest of Noriega played out.

Secret Keeper?

Secrets from your lips to my ears,

So passes the days, nights, the years,

I don't forget your words,

I'll keep them all in my records,

and I'll save them till the right time,

use them against you so I can climb.

For I know all,

And everyone knows who to call,

For information across the sea,

It is I who holds the key,

For all those who support my regime,

None of this is what it seems.