Lets Start Somewhere

by: Mikalah Carson

Guns are too easy for People to purchase

Right now we’re at our all time peak. In response to the killings in Oregon, some residence think that violence should be ended with violence. Like nineteen year old J.J. Vicari, who said that the mass shooting has opened his eyes to buy a gun to protect his family (Healy). I see nothing wrong with purchasing a gun for protection, but some people take a little too much advantage of their gun rights. Many believe that schools and churches should now be loaded with guns to protect those inside (Healy), which is complete nonsense. Yes we should have security guards or metal detectors, but we should not have teachers and priests carrying guns. Think about this logic. There are a million and one ways to protect people in the church or in the classrooms. Anyone could get their hands on this gun and possibly hurt the teacher or someone else. Guns do not protect; they kill people. They kill innocent people, and those who are not so innocent.

America's gun problem, explained in 90 seconds

Guns are also too easy for children to get a hold of.

You know that approximately once a week this year a small child has found a gun, pointed it at themselves or someone else and pull the trigger (Ingraham)? Like for instance, back in October, a two-year old in South Carolina found a gun in the back seat of a car he was riding in an accidentally shot his grandmother riding in the passenger seat (Ingraham). The sad part is that this happens all the time. Another case in August, a small child in the St. Louis area found a loaded gun; I repeat loaded gun in his grandmothers house and shot himself in the torso and died at a local hospital (Ingraham).

It starts somewhere

We are supposed to join hands with one another to end a crisis that has hurt our nation for as long as we could remember and the only solution for those running in the polls for 2016 is to send their prayers to those effected by this terrible tragedy. Yes we do need prayers but we also need a solution. We cannot end gun violence as a whole but we can definitely start somewhere. There is somewhere for us to start as to end or slow down the rates of gun violence, gun suicides, homicides, and purchasing guns illegally, because not everyone needs a gun. If everyone had a gun no one would be alive to buy guns in the future.

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