Coral Reefs

Lara Sweid

1.Where are the oceans?

The oceans location are Australia and South America Caribbean sea

2. Ocean Water chemistry

Average temperature: 18 Celsius or 25 and 31

Average density:47,37,35,28 and 23'10 greater

Average pressure: 75%

Average salinity: between 34 and 37

3. Waves

They do by easily breaking off or flatten large portions of coral reefs they do that because of the force of the water

4. Currents

Currents are important to coral reefs because they provide protection to fishes and they protect from strong currents and waves by slowing down the water before it gets to the shore.

5. Characteristics of an ecosystem

Abiotic Factors: are all the non-living things in an ecosystem

Sample food web:

Invasive Species :

Diffuse Knap weed ,snotch broom, himalayan blackberry

atlantic salmon, european greencrab

gypsy moth

american bull frog


european starling

6. The oceans as a resource and human impact on oceans

Resources found in your location:

Coral Reefs are now being developed as drugs for possible cures for cancer arthritis human bacterial infections viruses and other diseases

human impact on your location:


What can be done to protect your location:

People to stop and people to form organizations to be generous enough and pick up the trash