Comparison of world religion

Jackson wideman


  • Started with the birth of Jesus in Jerusalem in 0 ad.
  • There are two billion followers.
  • it has one god. They have a set of Ten Commandments which guide their everyday life.
  • One popular story from the religion is the story of Adam and Eve.
  • Their beliefs where once spread by profits.
  • They have a holy book called the bible.
  • They have saints such as saint Thomas that they consider holy.
  • They have a system in which the pope is the leader (Catholics)


  • 820 million followers.
  • Three main gods: brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva.
  • It has no one main founder.
  • No one book but does have sacred books like the Vedas.
  • Leaders include: Guru, holy man, and Brahmin priest.
  • One belief of Hinduism is that the soul never dies but is continually getting reborn.
  • Started about 4000 years ago in India.
  • Spread via the travels of merchants.
  • Not known how it started.
  • One basic belief is that the individual soul is immortal.
  • One parable use in Hindu teaching is the blind men and an elephant
  • One person/thing people belief is holy is a cow.
  • It has a organization of four sects: shaiva, vaishnava, shakta, and smarta.


  • 6.3 million followers.
  • God named Confucius.
  • Confucius also the founder.
  • Holy book called the analects, or the five classics.
  • It has no clergy.
  • One basic belief would be that social order, had any and good government is dependent of strong family relationships.
  • Spread through the "soft power" of civilizing influences directed abroad from the Chinese court.
  • Less than 10 million people practice this religion.