TWE is persuasive language used?

TOK Knowledge Issue

Weasel Words

Weasel words skirt the actual issue, for example, a coupon at American Eagle says 15% off, but "exclusions apply." The exclusions are that the coupon can only be used once. Weasel words are common to make a certain product or promotion sound better than it actually is.

Emotionally Laden Language

Example: Genetically Modified Foods v. Frankenstein Food which gives it either a favorable/unfavorable emotive connotation (Green Peace). Emotionally laden language is used to suggest a certain meaning and it often works despite the present bias in it.

Grammar Used for Purpose

Often used in the media involving passive voice. For example, in the original Washington Post report on an incident which followed an attack that killed eight Israelis, the murder of Israelis is described in the active voice, whereas the killing of Egyptians is, again, described in the passive voice. This creates a skewed version of current events in the Middle East and is a type of propaganda.

Revealing and Concealing

Reveal or conceal a particular thing based on audienceExample: Politicians conceal things to keep their audience happy, as demonstrated in the 2012 presidential elections, he changed his stance on gay rights. This shows that people in politics attempt to please everyone and use language to achieve this goal.

Knower's Perspective

In general, persusasive language inundates many aspects of life: including politics, advertising, and others. We are now much more aware of language used in daily life.      -Jennifer Craft and Sydney Hale