Group for victims of cyberbullying

Begins on 15 April

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If you're a victim of harassement or if you are under blackmail someone join us.

If you're humiliate by someone who share pictures of you in social network we can find solution to help you.

Support Group: history and activity

This group is created in the interest of helping the victims of cyberbullying.We can help by providing them with interview or testimonies of people who have been victims.

For example I have a friend who was a victim of cyberbulying so she asked for help to a group and now she has a successful find her confidence. This is the reason why I decided to create this group.

In this group, we'll see how you help and you will hear stories of people who come on site.

Place and facilitators

The group will be in the hall of Cambridge on Monday-Wednesday and Saturday.

You can reach us at: 0044 113 2555555.

This group will be led by Alexandra, 35 years old and she is working in the area of ​​personal assistance.But also by John, who at age 26 who is a policeman and so you can help to find solutions. The director of this group is that Julia will take 44 years to go with you if you want to join the group.