Band is the spirit of fun!!!

Clarinet is my life!

clarinet is my life because it has a beautiful and a awesome sound to the music! please make a flyer and tag me into it! Make a flyer in how you love your instrument and what instrument you play! HAVE FUN WITH IT!

Have you ever wondered???......

have you ever wondered how to play the clarinet??? Lets learn the easy part for this flyer!

F: is your back thumb

G: is no fingers

E: is 1 finger in the front and the back finger which is the letter F!!!!

D: E 1 finger, below the E is the D, and your thumb finger is the F!!!!

C: is F,E,D,C all fingers, all the fingers for the left hand/ Thumb!

Thank you!

Thanks for Reading my flyer, if you want to learn more about how to learn the notes and fingering the notes please let me know in the comments below!:)

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