The Last Man

Winston as the last man

Lindzy Sanford

Mrs. Danley


15 November 2015

Winston says that the spirit of man will defeat the party and that Winston considers himself a man, however, Winston is the last holdout and the last person to know that is wrong and should be defeated. Everyone in the society but Winston has brought into the version of reality that the party is laying down, a fully aware human whose spirit is still intact, who still has the “spirit of man” that will defeat the party. O’Brien wants Winston to know that he is the last man because there are three stages in your reintegration. There is learning, there is understanding, and there is acceptance. “It is time for you to enter upon the second stage like everyone else did”, O’Brien says. O’Brien does not merely force Winston to think a different way, he physically does it. “O’Brien says that Winston has been completely beaten, broken, and degraded. Winston protests that there is degradation he has not suffered: he has not betrayed Julia. By not betraying her, Winston puts himself in a position that does make men capable of great things: love and loyalty.