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April 2019

Reminder- Spring Picture Day- Wednesday, April 10th!

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Y5 & Kindergarten Orientation

Wednesday, April 10th, 6-7pm

23925 Arsenal Road

Brownstown Charter Township, MI

We welcome our new Y5 and Kindergarten families to school on Wednesday, April 10th. Please share this important date with your neighbors who may have kindergarten aged children.


As we strive to create balanced classrooms that are most beneficial for all students we take many things into consideration. In this process, staff members meet to discuss and decide where the students should be placed for the next school year. There are several factors that we consider: achievement levels, gender, past retention, sibling and student combination, balance of class size, student’s learning style, special instructional need, and other reasons deemed important by the staff.

A Parent/Guardian request for a specific educational setting will be taken into consideration, but is not guaranteed.

Please be careful when deciding to request a specific teacher for your child. An educational request will only be honored one time during the child’s educational years at Wegienka Elementary School.


1. Request forms will be available in the main office of Wegienka Elementary School on April 8, 2019.

2. All requests are due no later than Wednesday, May 1, 2019.

3. Parents/Guardians must return the form in person or by mail to Wegienka’s main office.

4. Requests must be in writing, signed, and dated. If a request is turned in after May 1st, it will not be considered.

5. Requests are not being guaranteed due to the many factors that are considered. We reserve the right to assign specific classrooms and teachers.

6. Written requests must include academic and educational reasons as to why the request is being made.

7. Remember that a request will only be honored one time during a child’s educational years (this includes Kindergarten) at Wegienka Elementary School. This means that if your child is put in the classroom of the teacher that you requested this year, you will not be able to request another teacher for that child as they get older.

With all things being equal, requests, if honored, will be honored on a first come/first serve basis. When the request form is returned to the office, it will be dated and numbered. While we will do our best to honor requests, designing balanced classrooms that will benefit our students most, is our first priority. If your request cannot be granted, we hope that you will respect our decision as it is in the best interest of all students.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions about this process.

Michelle Briegel

Wegienka Elementary Principal

Coffee with the Principal

Thursday, April 18th, 5:15-6pm

Wegienka Elementary Media Center

Topic- Understanding STAR testing.

PTO meeting will follow at 6 p.m.

Character Trait of the Month

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Warm Weather is Back- Dress Code Reminders!

Please keep these Dress Code guidelines in mind when you’re dressing your student for school.

Shorts may be worn on May 1st- the end of the year.

1. No short shorts or skirts with slits up the side.

2. Shorts, skirts, and skorts must be longer than the fingertips when arm is extended straight down.

3. No tank tops, muscle shirts, outfits with spaghetti straps, or tops that hang low under armpit are allowed unless an appropriate t-shirt is worn underneath.

4. No spandex outfits or tops that expose the midriff.

5. No hats or head covers of any kind are allowed to be worn inside the building except for religious or medical reasons.

6. We highly discourage the wearing of flip-flops, sandals and open toed shoes due to the high accident rate that occurs. If your child wears sandals, socks must be worn with them.

Education Foundation Event!

Please contact the office for tickets!!
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Awesome Students of the Month

These students were recognized for their HONESTY!