Tech Tip #2 - Troubleshooting

The BEST District of the EVSC - August 13, 2015

Get Technology to Work for You!

Sometimes it is frustrating when different pieces of hardware or software won't work properly. Here are a few of the most common problems I have run across this week. Hopefully these solutions will help you.

RDS Issues

A little background- RDS requires a password change every 45 days. More than likely you had to reset your password the first time you logged in since May. A helpful hint to use is a password system that is easy to remember. For example, if you start with lastname#, then you just have to increase your number by one when you reset it in 45 days (watson1 the first password, watson2 the second password, etc.) . However, if you do get locked out of your account, email Include your username and last known password and then you can get your account reset.

Promethean Board (No Flame)

Does this sound like your board - There is a picture, but no flame rendering your Promethean pens useless? If you have checked all of your connections, that doesn't appear to be the problem - it could be the Super Booster (See image below). This cable connects by the USB end to the back of your hard drive, while the blue LAN cable from the Board/Wall connects to the other side of the Super Booster. Submit a webdesk ticket to get your tech to check it out to see if this is indeed the solution.
Big image

Google Drive

First, remember when logging in to use the extension to your email address. Secondly, when you are looking for a file somewhere in your Drive, take advantage of the search box at the top of your Drive (see image below). By using this search box, you can find any file as long as you know a portion of the file name.
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