Prague,Czech Republic

Czech Republic is the best place to come to in the summer

Prague's cuisines

The Czech people have lots of different food to eat. Czech's like Dumplings and drink a lot Budvar the czech's also put plum's in their dumplings. On christmas all the czech's eat carp. The czech's also eat out a whole lot. A one of the Czech's favorite foods are kolaches. The czech's have a lot of good food to make your taste bud's go wild.
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Czech's culture/ history/ arts

The czech's have lots of history you can go see for yourself. A lot of the czech's paint a lot. The czech's have theater performances, concerts, and history exhibits. The czech republic's history is 1,000 years old. The czech republic they make and watch movies. the czech's have a bunch of history you can go see.
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Czech's tourism

what can visitors do for fun. The czech republic has sports that you can go see and activities you can do. The czech republic also has theater performances. Most of the czech people have summer cottages for the summer. The czech's also have a bunch of festivals.
Hardwell @ Magnetic festival - Prague, Czech republic

The czech republic's landmarks

The landmarks at the Czech republic are awesome. The capital of the Czech republic, prague is the 2 most beautiful city in the world. prague is the biggest city in the Czech republic. Rail Road Kingdom is the biggest train model in the Czech republic. So come down to the Czech republic to see all the wonderful sights
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The czech republic's launguage

The Czech's have a interesting language. The early Czech people spoke Slavik. Czech is also a slavik language but has a different alphabet. Usually Czech people speak both Czech and Russian. some of the Czech people speak English as well. so don't try to learn another language because you can probably get a guide.
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the czech republic's climate

The climate is humid yet cold. The Czech republic snow's 40-130 days a year. Usually it is very humid over in the Czech republic. Mountain ranges surround prague. So pack clothes that are warm and just regular clothes for the summer time. So come on down to the Czech republic were it's warm and cold all season long.
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