Propylene Glycol (antifreeze)

Uses of Propylene Glycol

some uses for antifreeze are mostly around the same topic. 3 uses of this chemical is that it is used for engine coolants, antifreeze's (of course) and airplane deicers. there are many other substitutes for this chemical, however this is less toxic. usually Propylene glycol is far less toxic or is not toxic at all.

3 Physical Properties of Propylene Glycol

some of the many physical properties are quiet interesting actually. for one, it falls really slowly, like syrup, but is not as thick as it. a second one is that its melting point is around -72 degrees F. and a final one is that its boiling point is around 370 degrees F.

3 Other Facts

Some other interesting facts about Propylene Glycol is that it is uses in massage therapy. They are used as a moisturizer in cosmetics, an ingredient in massage oils, and it it also used as a less toxic antifreeze in solar water heating systems. this chemical is also used as an aid inn prevention and treatment of Ketosis (Acetonemia)