What's New in the Library?

February heats up with these hot new titles! (Too cheesy?)

Some intense new ebooks!

I'm a total Jason Reynold's fangirl. If you haven't had a chance to read The Boy in the Black Suit or When I Was the Greatest then you're in for a treat and I suggest you leave this page and come to the library ASAP so you can check one out. All American Boys is about what it means to be American and patriotic and what happens when stereotypes go too far. If you like your books with gritty real-life issues, definitely take the time to look at this one.

The Walls Around Us wins for most deceptive cover. Does it look like a book about ballet? How about bloody murder on a large scale, prison riots, secrets and possible paranormal influences? No? I didn't think so either.

So many fun young adult novels to read!

I think I picked the most colorful covers possible this month. Here's just a select few. I'm super excited to read Will to Survive, which concludes this series. The first book in the trilogy made it on the Quick Picks for Reluctant Reader's list last year.

You guys, House Arrest (points below) looks like THE BOOK of the month. Fast paced, written in verse, it tells the story of a kid who does something dumb (stealing) for good reasons (money for his little brother's medicine). It's a tear jerker.

Older fiction (with a bit of a cheat)

What's the cheat? Well Gaining Ground isn't exactly fiction. The opposite actually. It was selected for the "One Book, One Community" read for Lancaster County and it reads like a story. It's got action and drama, love and blood. It's about working hard, falling down and occasionally having a HUGE SCARY pig get the best of you.

Awesome nonfiction for the Middle School

Have you all had a chance to check out the new High Interest collection? There are some amazing titles and these three below will make a great addition to the collection. If you've ever watched Sesame Street you're familiar with the character Maria. Well, Becoming Maria is the story of that actress and how she eventually became one of the most iconic characters on afternoon television.

Smaller selection of graphic novels this month but they're good ones!

You know those books that are so powerful, you choke up reading them? Azzi In Between is one of those. Apologies to the Middle Schooler who found me in tears, cataloging Azzi for this month, I got to the end and it's so good, I dare you not to gasp and choke up.

So Marvel has a new series out. I was dubious at first (Squirrel girl?) but guys, it's hilarious. Trust me, you need to read this, STAT.