by: Dayanara sol

Political information

Chads government type is presidential republic. The capital city of chad is N'Djamena. Chad's independence day is august 11, 1960, and France gave Chad independence. Chads suffrage is 18 yrs old of age when you get to vote. The head of government of chad is the prime minister Albert Pahimi. Chads national symbol means goat for the north and lion for the south and the colors are blue, yellow, red. Chad has NOT been colonized

Economic information

The GDP per ca-pita of Chad is $2800, and the comparison to the world is 193. The top 4 agriculture products is cotton, sorghum, millet, peanuts. Chads population below poverty line is 46.7%. Chads inflation rate is 4.2%, and compared to the world is 162. Chads currency is CFA franc and the abbreviation is XAF. The exchange rate is $1 US = 0.00175 CFA franc.

Geographical information

Chad is located in the continent of Africa. The area comparative of chad is slightly more than three times the size of California. The four top natural resources are petroleum, uranium, natron, kaolin. The climates in chad are hot dry Sahara in the north, a flat arid center, and a fertile savanna in the south.