Edmond Doyle News


We have gotten off to a great start this year. Most of our students are getting to school on time, bringing back their homework, and are really using great manners! We always get the best kids and families at Edmond Doyle-happens every year!! All of our 3rd graders passed their reading tests last spring. A big shout out to Mrs. Quintana and Mrs. Chlebik plus their 1st and 2nd grade teachers-Mrs. Ketchum, Mrs. WIlson, Mrs. Geis, Mrs. King, and Mrs. Fletcher. Great job students!! Your 4th grade teachers -Mrs. Kennon and Ms. Wood are glad to have you!!

Mrs. Fletcher has moved to Clayton, Oklahoma. We wish her well. We now have Ms. Decembre Mullins as our new 2nd grade teacher. We are so happy to have her with us! She is awesome!

Attendance rules have been changed and we really need everyone to read their handbook. 3 tardies will = 1 absence, 10 absences-with or without a doctor's note will count towards getting fined for not having your child in school. If a medical emergency occurs, a committee that will be made up of Mrs. Hunt, Mr. Cornish, and a teacher will decide if a ticket is not required. In other words....BE ON TIME-HAVE A DOCTOR'S NOTE-HAVE A REAL MEDICAL REASON FOR AN ABSENCE-COME TO SCHOOL REGULARLY!!! Your child's education is your responsibility-it is up to you to make sure that they are at school daily and on time. When your child is late-it throws off their whole day. When they are not at school-they will not be able to learn what is being taught.

Tardies include coming in late in the morning and leaving early in the afternoon. Please leave your child in school until 3:00 unless they have a doctor's appointment and try to make those after school if possible. We know that some parents feel as if we are being unkind when we stress the importance of being at school. Please understand that we give our all to make sure your children are successful. IF they aren't here-we can't do our job.

Please call daily if your child will not be at school. We will have their homework ready for you if they cannot be here. It saves Mrs. Hunt and Ms. Stephanie time if you let us know why your child is not at school. Also, please keep us informed about new addresses and new phone numbers!! Thanks!

We have many traveling teachers, because we share teachers with Emerson. Please do not block the driveways with the car line. Try to leave those spaces open. Thank you for doing a great job with the car line. We appreciate how you are staying in line and are not parking on the outside lane. The police have been very impressed and so have we!!

Now that our students are getting use to being back at school and are familiar with their teachers, please tell them good-bye as you drop them off. If you want to walk them to the door, please tell them good-bye at the door. We want our students to be independent and self-sufficient. Let them feel accomplished! You are welcome to come volunteer and help at our school. You are always welcome to talk to us about your concerns. Keeping the lines of communication open is extremely important for your child's success.

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  • Open House/Title One Meeting -- August 24th -- 5:30-6:30