LA Vocabulary

Jaela Gotel


a comparison between two things using the terms 'like' or 'as'

Example from text: "She was an old photograph dusted from an album."

Original example: She was a shining diamond.


a comparison between two things without using the terms 'like' or 'as'

Example from text: "..I was certain a foreigner..."- "Mrs. Flowers"

original example: I was as confused as a lost puppy.


giving human characteristics to something non-human

Example from text:"…the sun came out for an hour and showed its face to the stunned world..."- All Summer in a day

Original Example: The grass swayed to the music playing faintly in the foreground.


an exaggerated statement that is not to be taken literally

Example from text: ".. a coin large enough to buy the world with"- All Summer in a Day

Original Example: I swear she could talk about a mile a minute.


the repetition of a letter that is a consonant

Example from text: "The swent scent f vanilla had met us as she opened the door"- Mrs Flowers

Original Example: Eddy excellently encouraged Ella.


words that imitate sounds

Example from text: " The brittle twig snapped"- The Treasureof Lemon Brown

Original Example: I dropped the hot pan causing it to hit the kitchen floor with a BANG!