Friday, December 11th

Second Grade

Weekly Happenings

Thank you for donating to our latest service project. It was so sweet to see how excited the kids were to give something to someone in need.

When we get back from winter break we will be starting a money unit in math. Student's will be expected to solve word problems involving money. Therefore, they will have to know the value of a penny, nickle, dime, quarter and the dollar. Any practice at home identifying coins and their value would be helpful. Also adding a combination of coins would help your student immensely. Thank you in advance for the head start!


Mrs. Brown:
Monday: Leadership
Tuesday: PE

Wednesday: Art

Thursday: Music

Friday: Counselor

Mrs. Kiger:
Monday: Counselor

Tuesday: Music

Wednesday: PE

Thursday: Art

Friday: Leadership

Spelling Words

No spelling next week.

Learning Targets


*I can read accurately and fluently to support comprehension within grade level text.

*I know and apply grade level phonics skills and word analysis skills in decoding words.

*I can use learned spelling patterns in daily writing.

Our spelling this week focused on defender t and defender d.

*I can explain the significance of craft and structure in literary text.

This week we introduced character traits and changes of point of view.


*I can demonstrate the conventions of Standard English capitalization and punctuation.

* I can write a narrative.

This week we edited and published our writing on google docs. We also shared our writing with a partner and provided them with feedback on their writing.


*I can add and subtract within 1,000.

We practiced subtraction with regrouping this week.


*I can explain when Earth's events can occur quickly or slowly.

We are working on a presentation with a partner about land forms.


*I can be responsible and kind.

*I can follow directions the first time.

Dates to Remember

12.14:Wear Holiday Socks

12.15: Dress Festive Day

12.16: Christmas Sweater Day

12.17: Red and Green Day

12.18: Show Gratitude Day

12.21: winter parties

12.22: Half day

12.23-1.5: Winter Break