Aaron Rosenburg


In 1946, Jackie Robinson is a African American League baseball player who never takes racism as a just get over it kind of thing. Branch Rickey is a Major League team executive with a big idea. The next day, Rickey recruits Robinson to break the color line as the first modern African American Major League player. As both anticipate, this proves a major challenge for Robinson and his family as they take the unrelenting racist hostility on and off the field, from player and fan alike. As Jackie struggles against his nature to take such abuse without complaint, he finds friends and hope where he least thought he would, and also with people he would never thought of being friends with.
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You have to read this book!!

You should read this book, because it is a very good book with lots of heart, and things we can all learn from it. It tells about a man his career, and his family and how they have to go through lots of things like racism, and name calling. It made me think i could get through any tough situation that comes at me. It could make you fell that way too.