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March 18, 2018

“Making a decision against something is only half the battle. The other half is making a decision for something.” Mark Batterson

It doesn’t take much effort to understand what people are against. Our society has become really good at getting upset and sharing it with the world . People do not hesitate to complain and post about everything that they think is wrong, should be handled differently, or changed. While society has become really great at sharing their displeasure with the world, rarely do they offer solutions.

Solutions to problems, especially the ones we are facing in our schools today, are not easy to fix. They take sacrifice, focus on others, putting what’s comfortable aside, and long term commitments. It takes a great deal more than standing up and speaking out for one day. It takes much more than simply complaining about how others think or do.

I challenge all of us who want change to continue to align our behaviors to the change we want to happen. One day never makes change, it takes focus and commitment in what we stand for over time. We can help teach our students how to bring about change by demonstrating this through our words and actions, on small and larger matters. Each of has the power within to bring about positive change - in our school, in our community, in our family, in our world. Make a decision today for a change you would like to help happen.

Making an Impact

Thank you to Mr. & Mrs. Yoder and the NHS and NJHS members for spending your Saturday morning making an impact at the Humane Shelter!

Jr High Snowcoming

As Mr. Rexroad said a few more days and we could have changed Snowcoming to Springcoming! After weather and State Championship rescheduling, the Jr High Snowcoming took place Friday night and it was a ton of fun! Thank you Mrs. Owen, Mrs. Knepper, Mrs. Yoder, Mrs. Behm, and Mrs. Miller for a great event. Thank you Mr. Leffers, Officer Worman, Miss Thiele, and Mrs. Vice for chaperoning.

Congratulations to our NECC All Academic Team

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Upcoming Events

3/19 - Get Schooled Convocations

3/20 - School Board Meeting @ AElem

3/27 - Lock Down Drill

3/30 - Good Friday/Spring Break Begins

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