Jessica Terry

The story of me.

WInter Break

With a broken foot, winter break was not the most intersting time. Family was there as support, and my only social interation. I was able to play many board games, espcially a very interesting game called Settlers of Catan. It is an intensive strategy game of cunning. We celebrated Christmas at home, and at grandparents house's. We messed around, ate LOTS of food, and opened gifts. We brought in the new year at my grandmas' house, we played board games, ate, watched Dr.who, and then at about 2am went to bed. The next day we went to see the new Hobbit movie.

Some things done in free time...

I prefer to stay indoors in the winter, indoors I can cook, paint, draw, and crochet. When the weather is much less frightfull, getting me inside is almost an impossible task. I love to be out with my dogs, Jack and Otis; playing, exploring, and just relaxing in the shade. Hiking in the woods behind my house has become a habit too.

Scholatisc Activities

I'm a proud band kid. The end.


I have two brothers, both older, and live with both parents. We get along slightly better than most siblings, with only a few minor incidents of violence towards eachother. Boardgames are a favorite pastime of the five of us, we love The Settlers of Catan, a stratedgy game that is high stakes.

I want to be...

The very best, like no one ever was...

I actually would like to be a vet, so I can help and save animals.

Fun Facts


  • Seth Terry is my twin brother, we are definitely fraternal.
  • I crochet and knit, I also sell what I make.
  • I have two dogs, whom I love unconditionally. No matter how much the bark....