Newsletter, yo

"you said you were gonna post this every 2 weeks you liar"

Message from the president

Dear LC Vienna WU,
Dear Friends and Guest Readers,

In the middle of OGX Summer Peak, iGCDP projects realization and Career Days preparation, there is a lot going on around and a lot I can write about, but I decided to use this space to share with you one of my favourite videos (It's in German, I hope you don't mind). A video, which I'm sure many of you can rely to; a video which motivates me, and make me think about the stories we create every single day:
..."one day baby, we'll be old, oh baby, we'll be old,
and think of all the stories that we could have told."

I hope that today you are creating the stories that you would like to be telling one day!

See you around!

AIESECly yours,

Functional area updates

The Business Areas are on fire! After harder times with restructuring after NatCo, on Sunday we finally finalised the structures until summer. With this clarity now we only need to rock the last months before summer. More regular informal meetings with iGIP and ER together will make sure that we all become a strong, united and fun team!

iGCDP: The most exciting time of the year is here!!! Our two projects, Global Education and Colors of the World started last week! After having the Incoming Preparation Seminar, yesterday they all started working in their schools and we also had Global Village in the afternoon. Thanks to everyone who came, I hope you enjoyed it and tasted some exotic dishes! I’m looking forward to the next 4 weeks with other awesome events!

Some exciting news coming from OGX or should I call it now Business 2 Customer area?! We have decided to implement the new MC structure, so we merged OGX and Marketing which will give us a better overview on everything we have to do. Other than that, we had a delicious last week of info stand and we also ordered new flyers which look super fleeky. Also, we had a big LP at Webster, where Cansu, Cristian and Roma helped me present Global Entrepeneurs. In general, I am very proud of all of my babies and the work they are doing <3

Digital Marketing has been very busy helping out with some Career Days online promotion. I have created two rounds of Facebook Ads which have so far been quite successful and will hopefully continue like that so that we can get all the applications and the event will be a success.

Other than that, I have been coming up with a detailed plan for the Facebook Page AIESEC in Vienna (if you haven't liked it yet, you know what to do) and began designing and writing the content for that as well so that our online reach increases and we can promote to loads and loads of people.

F&L: Since the last update quite a lot happened.
And I'm not talking only about Finance&Legal.
As you may know already, I took over the management of the Career Days team. And I am grateful for getting the opportunity to learn so much in such a short time. It is a time where the team and the CDA are very busy and working hard last 2 weeks before the event in order to provide a quality experience to both the companies and the participants . You can also use the opportunity to apply!
When it comes to Finance&Legal, I have to be honest with you. I have to catch up with operational work (one of my catchphrases, just ask the EB).
However, the most exciting part is restructuring the area in order to implement BA (Business Analytics) and provide an even more valuable support to the area. Till next time, peeps! May the rational consumer thought be with you!!!

What's TA(i)M been up to? Mostly thinking of a way to make tracking work again until the end of the term, trying to find a framework for iGIP internships so that we can offer them the valuable experience we advertise the whole time. I got to better know what advantages there are in going on an internship with AIESEC (mostly the legal advantages) because I went with my buddy, Vince, a iGIP intern, to take care of legal documents at the MA35 regarding his registration in Vienna. We (the EB, I'm not schizophrenic) have also been planning the HR structure for next semester (that's why we had a 9 hour meeting on Thursday cause we care about y'all) and I only have one word to describe what it will be like: value (no seriously we said that word like 420 times during the meeting). I also ate a kebab on Saturday so that was cool.


Random country of the newsletter: Syria!

Speaking of the Roman Empire, did you know that the Romans were even in Syria?

They wanted to bring culture, democracy and freedom to the population in Syria and all they wanted in exchange was oil…wait, I messed up, I haven’t really talked about the Roman Empire, in fact I have no idea what the Romans searched for in Syria, but never mind as this isn’t supposed to be a history class anyway, let’s just talk about Syria.

To start with, the capital city of Syria is Damascus (they had snow last year way before we did and they are not even supposed to have some, but now to more important things). Damascus is among one of the oldest continually inhabited cities as Syria has been a cradle for civilisation for at least 10.000 years (but recent bombings could change that). Moreover, Damascus is an UNESCO world heritage, which is not surprising if you know that there are streets which are partly 4.000 years old and still being used (not recommended to walk along when drunk because you’ll most probably trip. A lot.)

Now back to Syria as a country, talking about it being the cradle of civilisation it should be said that one of the earliest forms of writing, “Phoenician”, was born in Syria.

Jk. That’s actually from Skyrim. Phoenician looks more like that:

Big image

That’s it. If I write more y’all won’t read it (or I am just lazy and trying to blame you. Nobody knows).

Events coming up

LCMs: on the 1st of June and Vienna LCM on the 15th of June

EP Events: This Thursday (2.06) we'll be going to the Freud museum, walk around the Ring and go to Zanoni! On the 9th we'll be playing volleyball so save the date!

Hays sales academy : Wanna learn how to act in a sales meeting or how body language influences things? Sign up!

Career Days: wanna take part in case studies or talk to the people running successful companies in Austria? Sign up!

R&R: Come celebrate the end of the term with us on the 24th of June! We will look back on the term and reward those who deserve to be rewarded!

Vienna 4 Global Goals : Vienna 4 Global Goals is an event powered by AIESEC which aims to raise awarenss about the Sustainable Development Goals that the United Nations established in September 2015 (taken straight out of their Facebook event)

That's all folks

So that's about it for now. See you in two weeks! (for real now tho)

Newsletter Team (aka Tim and Roma)