bill of rights

by: Ashley Canales

what are the bill of right?

First Amendent

Freedom of speech,the press, and religion

they had the right to follow any religion they choose and if they had complaints they could speak up.

Second Amendment

The right to bear arms

citizens had to serve as soldiers sometimes and had the right to protect themselves by owning a gun.

Third Amendment

The right to privacy in the home

soldiers could not demand to live with you or eat your food.

Fourth Amendment

Unreasonable search & seizure

police needed a search warrant and they needed to tell you exactly what they were going to search for.

Fifth Amendment

double jeopardy, self- in criminal & due process of law

Six Amendment

The rights of the accused in criminal cases

Seventh Amendment

The right to a jury trail

Eighth Amendment

Preventing cruel & unusual punishment

Ninth Amendment

Rights retained by the people

Ten Amendment

limiting federal powers