Migrant Farmers

& Resources to Help All Students Succeed

The Educational Gap

Children of migrant workers, and often, child farmworkers themselves are among the most undervalued in the educational field. Their dangerous vocation creates tremendous obstacles for students to achieve academic success. As teachers, it is our duty to be aware of these students and be able to access avenues to help these students succeed.

Important Statistics

The U.S. Department of Agriculture States:

  • Almost 75% of hired crop farmworkers are not migrants, but are considered settled
  • The average travel radius for the "shuttler" workers is no greater than 75 miles from home
  • About 50% of all laborers and supervisors are Hispanic, while managers are mostly non-Hispanic whites
  • About 50% of hired crop farmworkers are not legally authorized to work in the U.S.
  • 33% represent U.S. cititizens
  • 19% hold green cards
  • 70-75% of laborers are from Mexico
  • The average hourly wage is $10.50
  • 31% of laborers and supervisors have less than a ninth grade education

Children in the Fields

Resources for Families and Friends