September: Refocus

Pedagogy, Support & Vision

MMS Media & Tech Team (Felicia Davis, Allison Long, Elizabeth Stapleton, Michael Cline

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Dr. Jason Gardner

A lot of 1:1 initiatives fail across the U.S for one simple reason, the focus is on the technology and not on the instruction. Our digitial conversion is an instructional initiative first, which should drive how it impacts our school. It is easy to get caught up in flashy and exciting technology, but at the end of the day we have to always loop back to the main thing, is it making a positive impact on student achievement. To me refocusing is all about keeping that instructional piece as the main area that drives our decision making. How will this make instruction more personalized, more meaningful, more relevant for our kids? Is there a pedogical shift taking place with the use of technology? Are students more engaged? Are we doing things that we couldn’t do before technology that hits higher levels of learning? If we keep the focus on learning and instruction with technology as a the tool that drives change, our focus will be in the right place.
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Welcome Back From The Superpowers!

Tech TIp

Consider changing your room set up to enhance student engagement!

Here are some links for ideas:

5 Minute Film Festival "Innovative Learning Spaces"

How to Decorate Your Secondary Classroom

Start with a corner of room or the entry to your room. The ImpSpace has been furnished on a low budget. Ask me how!

MMS Media Tips

The CAVE is open and Batman and Robin are ready!

The CAVE calendar is located at

Be sure to save in your google calendars so you can reserve the CAVE anytime this school year. Let me know if you have any issues with the calendar.

From the Help Desk

Don’t be Superman’s Kryptonite!

The new school year has brought many new changes to MMS. We have new faculty, new students, new laptops and a new tech work order system! Below are a few tips to maximize the effectiveness of the new system!

  1. Make sure you have at least bookmarked the Work Order form.

  2. Make sure the orange sheet you received in your mailbox is prominently displayed in your classroom

  3. Please DO NOT send students to the help desk that have not been called. The only exception being students who do not have a laptop. Students MUST fill out the student work order form.

  4. Please be as descriptive as possible on what the problem is! On that note also make sure you include your room number.

There have been a few good questions already regarding various situations that could arise.

  1. If you are unable to access the site from your computer due the tech issue you are experiencing please use another teacher’s machine to send the work order.

  2. If a student is unable to send the work order from their machine there are two options:

    1. Have them send it from another student’s machine but make sure they put their name.

    2. You, as the teacher send a teacher work order but include the student’s name in the description.

From Cuz's Desk

Remember we are open in the mornings for book check out, quiet study, green screen usage, studio use and student (quiet) collaboration, etc. Also a reminder that Mrs. Long has car duty and I have XC so the media center will be closed in the afternoons.

Allison Long

MMS School Library Media Coordinator


Elizabeth Stapleton

MMS Media Assistant


Felicia Davis

MMS Intructional Technology Facilitator