Greek Mythology

Gods, heroes, Titans, and Primordial evils with Elian

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Ancient Greece in picture and region's dialects demonstrated in the key above.



Aphrodite is the god of beauty, fertility, and love. She is the first Olympian and is either the last child of Ouranos, a daughter of Zeus, or has existed since the dawn of time. She was fairly certain that she was the most beautiful being ever and was not wrong, changing into someone's greatest desires, and had the power of charmspeak, the ability to get anyone to do whatever they want unless they are not attracted to the user, have built a resistance to it, or are the same sex. She sided with the Trojans in the Trojan war. She is not thought to be the most powerful however the gods have admitted that her power is the greatest in potency and strength. She is married to Hephaestus despite a short divorce during the Trojan war. Her sacred animal is the dove.


First born of Kronos, as well as first swallowed, Hestia is the goddess of the hearth and family. She was a maiden goddess and refused to marry, but that didn't stop people from trying, as Poseidon and Apollo both tried to marry her. She gave up her spot on the Olympian council on Olympus for Dionysus. Her sacred animals are donkeys and pigs.


Second child to Kronos, Hades is the god of wealth and the underworld and isn't happy about it, after a the three sons of Kronos cast lots to receive there realms, which doesn't make sense as the eldest gets the best things, middle gets second, and youngest gets worst. He has the Helm of Darkness, the combat piece designed by the elder cyclops for Hades, and grants the wearer invisibility, great strength, and an aura of dark thoughts will fill the foe's brain. He is married to Persephone, the god of spring and daughter of Demeter and Zeus. He doesn't have a seat on Olympus and his sacred symbols are screech owls, pomegranates(the kind grown in the underworld as well as the fruit of the underworld), and black poplar trees, and cows of the underworld.


Third child to Kronos, Demeter is the goddess of agriculture and plants as well as a great warrior with her enchanted gold swords and gold chariot. She is unmarried, though not a maiden, but has had many children, with gods and mortals. Symbols include corn and a torch.


Fourth child sired from Kronos, Poseidon is the god of the sea and oceans, and is the happiest about his position. For good reason too, because his powers are incomparable to the other Olympians, and his Trident, which was made by the Elder Cyclops Zeus freed Tartarus, increases his control over water, can cause earthquakes by touching the ground at all, and is a three tipped spear, which is perfect for disarming titans and breaking swords. He sided with the Greeks in the Trojan War He is married to Amphitrite and created horses out of sea foam. His sacred symbols include horses and the Trident(shown underneath).

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The Trident was also used by warriors of lesser strength with nets to create the most tricky warriors ever, the Retarius.


Hera is a family woman sired as the fifth child of Kronos, is the goddess of marriage, family, motherly love, fertility, perfection, and throwing babies. When Zeus and Hera had Hephaestus, he didn't come out perfect, ugly and crippled Hera believed that this was not her child or perfect she demanded Zeus throw him off of Mount Olympus, thus making Hephaestus a cripple forever, as he could have recovered. Not so motherly. She doesn't have children with anyone but Zeus because she is a faithful wife to Zeus. Her symbols include regular pomegranates, cows, and peacocks.


Last child to Kronos, and only one not swallowed, Zeus is the god of lightning, justice, and self-centeredness. He is the self proclaimed most important Olympian and doesn't care much for family,he is completely unfaithful having more children than Nyx and Chaos with all matter of people and gods, and eats some of them so Hera doesn't find out, an example being Metis, the god of wisdom and creativity. Several years after this, he had a huge headache so Hephaestus cut his head open and a full goddess popped out of his head, Athena the goddess of war, creativity, thinking, and strategy(Proves you wrong for eating your pregnant girlfriend, you sicko). He sided with the Trojans in the Trojan war. His weapon of choice is the master-bolt, another piece of equipment forged by the elder Cyclops he pulled out of Tartarus, causes more nuclear devastation than a nuclear bomb wherever he wants. In the war against the titans the gods prevailed with the big three cutting Kronos to pieces with his own scythe. Zeus's symbols include the scale and Eagle.


Ares is the son of Zeus and Hera as their first child was inseparable with his sword and shield and eventually participated in the war against the Titans. He has a constant on and off relationship with Aphrodite despite her being married to Hephaestus, causing lots of trouble between the two. He sided with the Trojans in the Trojan war. Ares is the guy who's very presence could start a fight. This is counterproductive for the Olympian council and he doesn't care enough to leave. His symbols include the boar and bloody spear.

Artemis and Apollo

Apollo and Artemis were born to Zeus and Letis, one of the passive Titans and were god and goddess of archery. Artemis was born first and is the goddess of the moon, hunting, young maidens, and childbirth and her symbols include the moon and deer. Apollo was born second and sided with the Trojans in the Trojan war as well as being god of the sun, literature, medicine, prophecy, and music and his symbols are lyres and laurel wreaths.


Another son of Zeus and Hera, he is the god of blacksmiths and invention. Hephaestus is the slayer of headaches and whenever a god has headache he takes an axe and cuts it open and out pops another god. He is married to Aphrodite and is more faithful than her because she has an affair with his brother. His symbols are the hammer and tongs.


Son of Zeus and a Nymph and is the god of thieves, travelers, roads, and merchants. His weapon of choice is the Caduceus and his adamantine sword. He stole Apollo's cherry red cattle minutes after birth and created the lyre and gave it to Apollo to settle his wrath. His Caduceus is usually mistaken as a medical symbol however it is actually Asclepius' staff which has no name officially. His symbol is the Caduceus.


Born from the most major headache ever, Athena is the god of war strategy, creativity, and smarts. She doesn't care how far you throw, only how much you know. Athena is the patron of Athens and favorite hero is Odysseus of Ithaca, who was a key factor in the Trojan war and sided with the Greeks. The most famous statue of any god was the Athena Parthenos, which has a replica in Nashville, and is shown down below. Her symbol is the owl and olives.

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The American replica of the Athena Parthenos in Nashville.



Others was the founder of the Amazons, and formed in a village because her husband had asked for her to clean to much, so she grabbed his sword and slashed his neck, killing him. The following day she gathered all the women and formed a plan to take the men's weapons and kill them. This happened and the newly formed group started raiding more villages for more women to recruit. Soon they had a amassed an army, and became one of the most formidable military forces in the world. Her army was only majorly defeated was in India by the drunken army of Dionysus who was a demigod, half god half human. This was very upsetting to the Amazons swearing vengeance and retreating to their kingdom. Soon after this, Otrera met Ares, the god of war. They wrestled and were immediately in love, their daughter became the next queen of the Amazons.


Son of Zeus and a princess and is the god of grapes and wine, however was first a mortal thus being here. Once Dionysus was a simple man inventing wine, making it, and selling it. Everyone laughed at him, "Why do waste your life or bother living," they would say. One day, he finally snapped, turning several drunken sailors who were harassing him into dolphins. He left seeking to use his invention to grow popularity. That he did, growing an army of formidable warriors more powerful than the Amazons. His weapon of choice is the Thyrsus, which in essence is a pine cone on a stick. He eventually became a good and his symbols are the grape vine and leopard.


Achilles was the greatest warrior in the Trojan war and invulnerable to anything unless it was in his heel, and he joined the war on one condition, that he would get back the woman he loved. However he only started fighting when his best friend, Patroclus, fell to Hector, the greatest Trojan warrior. He fought completely enveloped in rage and killed Hector mercilessly and dragged his corpse around the battlefield until the Trojan king asked to have his son's corpse to be burned at a pyre, Achilles said yes as he thought of his own father. Achilles was cut down by an unworthy archer as Apollo became much too angry and guided the arrow into Achilles's heel.



Kronos killed his father, mostly wanting power along with the help of his older brothers. He is the Titan god of time and agriculture. He rules over all other Titans despite being the youngest of them. He was married to Rhea but was killed in the war by his offspring, just as a prophecy had said.


Iapetus is the titan of the east and was kicked in the face by his father while restraining him for Kronos to draw blood. Iapetus had a child named Atlas who was the greatest Titan in combat and held up the sky after the war. Iapetus was imprisoned in the war.


Titan of the ocean and did not participate in the war. He only chose the side he knew would win, but that war was too unpredictable so he sided with no one. He is married and had several children. He was left to be after the war.


God, Titan, guide, Hecate is all and more. She is currently the god of magic, choice, and the Mist, the magical covering that keeps mortals from seeing all of this. She is one of the most important gods because of this. Mortals would all go insane if they saw too much of it.



Nyx was born out of Chaos and married to him, birthing infinite amounts of gods, most notable, Ouranos, Gaea, and Tartarus.


Chaos is eternally existent, he has never been beat in a fight and is incapable of such.


Ouranos is the incarnation of the sky,and had two batches of immortal children with his wife, Gaea. However, he threw his first batch, the elder cyclops, into Tartarus for being to ugly. This enraged Gaea, and when the newest batch came, the titans, she had them kill him. When they cast his "man part" into the ocean, his ichor fell on sea foam which became his last child and first Olympian, Aphrodite, goddess of love, beauty, and fertility.

Gaea and Tartarus

Gaea is the incarnation of Earth and did the previous with Ouranos, and also with Tartarus the incarnation of the pit appropriately named Tartarus when the Titans were destroyed by the first few Olympians, To create the Giants, another immortal group. The most notable fact about them is that they could only be killed by gods and their children, demigods(gods and mortals children together), this in turn infuriated the gods who hate working with mortals. Despite this, the gods and mortals triumphed over the giants, though it was a costly war.



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