Taking on the Ways of a Mockingjay

By: Brandon Bryant

I Volunteer!

Katniss Everdeen is a seventeen year old girl from District 12. She has recently been chosen to participate in the third annual Quarter Quell games. The Quarter Quell games are held every 25 hunger games. All of the of the victors in the previous hunger games names' are put into a raffle, whoever gets picked is the participant. The participant is put through the struggles of trying to survive,and that means putting others in jeopardy. Katniss was taken out of the games as part of a plan by the rebels. The rebels took Katniss back to District 13, which shouldn't even be a thing. The Capitol of the Districts has taken away District 12 by an air raid. Now District 13 wants Katniss to be the leader of the rebellion. Katniss is put through the wringer with the losses of lots of loved ones. Including her sister. It probably doesn't help that her good friend Peeta has basically been programmed to kill her. Her motivation is the incentive that she gets the pleasure to kill the guy who brought all of her troubles on her.But he's shifty, so the question is, will Katniss catch President Snow ? You'll have to read the book Mockingjay to find out.
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