Primary Points to Ponder

August 20-14 "The Best School on Earth"

I love us!

This has been the best start of school year for me in a long time. The energy, excitement and enthusiasm that I see in our team continues to give me HOPE for our future as Pine Tree Primary being the best school on EARTH! The new addition of Mr. Clugston and Dr. Cederstrom is truly a breathe of fresh air! We are very lucky to have the leadership that we have at Central Office. As we spoke about this morning, we will continue to do what we do best....focus on learning, collaborate and focus on results with timely and prescriptive interventions. We will work together to close our achievement gap with our LEP and Special Education students. Until ALL of our students are on grade level, our work is not done. I included last year's data in this Newsletter. The gains made were absolutely AMAZING! Primary data flat-lined for many years with the exception of 2017-2018 and that is all because of YOU! You committed to our vision and you committed to implementing best practices daily. THANK YOU! Once again.....I want to say I love us!

2017-2018 Data....So much to be proud of....Great Work!!

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BOY Question/Answer Document

Write your questions and I will answer them at the end of the day each day.

Primary Symbaloo

If you make this your homepage, it will give you quick access to our most often used websites and resources.

Seesaw PD in your PJs

Click on the link to find out more!

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Back Pack Program

Whataburger is partnering with our Pine Tree ISD school community to help support and raise funds for our Backpack Food Program. The Backpack Food Program helps provide food for students who are at risk of going hungry on weekends and holidays during the school year. The food backpacks come with nutritious, easy-to-open food sent home each week and typically include protein, milk and fruit juice.

Please visit any three participating Whataburger locations at 2401 Gilmer Road, 1479 E. Harrison Road (by Lear Park), or McCann Road/Spur 63 between August 20th – August 31st. There will be an opportunity to donate $1 or more when paying for your order.

Proceeds will benefit the Pine Tree ISD Backpack Food Program and this is a great way to support Whataburger and the Backpack Food Program that helps so many students in our schools. We are grateful to Whataburger and invite everyone to join in support of this important cause.

Painting of Furniture for Facility Services

This is a reminder that painting in classrooms is restricted to Facility Services Staff.

There have been several reports over the last two days of teachers painting in their classrooms or inside the building where paint has gotten on the floor. It is very difficult if at all possible to remove paint from carpet.

We ask that any painting of personal bookcases/furniture; etc. be done at home or done outside the building using drop cloths if painting on the concrete.

We ask that a work request be initiated if District owned bookcases/furniture needs painting. This allows us to assess the item in order to apply the proper paint; latex or oil base.

Our staff will do everything possible to work the painting into our schedule

Staff Skills

Fill out and return to Walker by August 24.

Discipline Procedures

Inside are all the documents for discipline and after school detention. We will make copies and send home and information letter next week.

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Champs Self Assesment

Here is a rubric to help you self assess your implementation of CHAMPS. We will focus on each part at some point this year.

Recess Monitoring Zones

Pre K can be on the just the playground until class reach 18 each.

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Master Schedule

Please notice the lunch lines.

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