Mrs. Patterson's POST

Week of October 17-21


This week we finish Teacher's Pets. Our comprehension test for Teacher's Pets is Tuesday. Then we kick off our new story, Animals Building Homes and Hiding at the Pond. Here are our new goals in reading for the week:

Reading- I can identify text and graphic features in informational texts.

Phonics- I can identify and write words with common final blends -nd, -ng, -nk, -nt,-ft, -xt,-mp.

Vocabulary- I can use prefixes (un-) and (re-) when writing words. I can explain what the prefix means.

Grammar- I can identify and write plural nouns, including irregular plural nouns.

We will be working on fluency this week, as well as using expression when we read.

MATH- Topic 4

We begin Topic 4- Fluently Adding within 100

We will learn more about adding using the standard algorithm, as well as add using partial sum( which is breaking apart numbers by place value to add). Students will be adding 2 and 3 two digit numbers, solving one and two step direction story problems, and working on fluency. Continue to study basic addition and subtraction facts daily.

Don't forget, your child's math lessons and teaching videos are accessible online through Cool Tools on SCOH website, using your child's log in and password. Reteach pages, workbook pages, as well as games, and additional resources are at your fingertips.

SPELLING- Lesson 5

Spelling test for L5 words is Tuesday. New word lists for L6 words come out Wed.


Students have been working on Friendly letters and wrote a letter to a principal or teacher last week. This week we introduce informational writing. Writing facts and details can be tricky, so we will talk about how to write facts without copying from the author or source. Students are continuing to write true stories.


Wow!! We started presentations and they are AWESOME! I can't wait to continue them this week. Presentations continue this week. Pictures will be posted to our class FB page. Students have done a nice job. I'm very proud of them. Those that have presented for the first time did an exceptional job!

LOOKING at the week ahead...


Monday- Spider project presentations continue all week.

Fire Prevention presentation

Teacher's Pets reading test

Tuesday- Spelling test L5

Thursday- Free the Horses

Report cards go home

Friday- No school. Fall break!

Next week is Red Ribbon Week! Themed days will be announced.