John D. Rockefeller

Standard Oil Company


Have you ever heard of John D. Rockefeller? John made a great impact on the Oil Industry.

Early Life and Childhood

John was born July 8, 1839 and died May 23,1937. He was born at Richard, New York. His dad was William Rockefeller and his mom was Eliza Rockefelller. In 1865 John married Laura Celestia. Laura was beginning a secret life as bigamist. John did have kids. He had 4 daughters and 1 son. The first daughter was elizabeth. The second daughterwas Alta. The last one was Edith. The first son was John D. Jr. This person died at the age of 98. He died at Ormond Beach, Florida.


John was most known for that he created Americas First great trust in 1882. John helped our society by he took advantage of the loophole in the Union draft law by purchasing a substitute to avoid military service. John also built refineries to make oil useful products.

Strong Conclusion

I learned to never give up. Even though stuff you try doesn't work, never give up. The oil industry has grown, and it remains one of the biggest industries in the country today, Thanks to John D. Rockefeller.