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Turkish is the most language spoken. (Social)

Unemployment rate: 9.3% (Economic)

Republican is the type of government used in Turkey (Political)

Kemal was a hero and a tittle of “Father of the turks.” (Political)

Euphrates is a famous river (Geographic)

Youth make beautiful Turkish carpets (Social)
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The presidents of turkey, azerbaijan and georgia made a joint statement on results of their sunday meeting in trabzon, the turkish black sea town, on april 26, 1998, they called for the fulfillment of projects on the delivery of the azerbaijani oil on the baku-tbilisi-ceyhan route and the caspian gas to turkey via the azerbaijani and georgian territories, the statement, read out by a speaker of the turkish foreign ministry, voices the need to restore the great silk roads, create the eurasian transport corridor and its part -- the kars-tbilisi railroad, and boost efforts to protect the ecological system of the black sea and its straits, the three countries called for deepening good-neighborly relations, which would help to ensure peace, stability and economic growth in the region, ops: (from right to left) azerbaijani president aliyev, president of turkey s,demirel georgian president eduard shevardnadze, prime minister of turkey m,yilmaz attending the ceremony of laying the foundation of the deriner dyke in the turkish artvin province bordering georgia.. Photograph. Encyclopædia Britannica ImageQuest. Web. 23 Jan 2015.