Anna Shaw

Reformer for womens rights

A little about her!

Dr. Anna Howard Shaw was born Febuary 14, 1847, and was raised in Newcastle upon-Tyne, Northumberland England. After moving to the united states with her family (1851) as a young girl, they moved to Michigan. Her father had left their family isolated on a farm, which left her and brother to take care of her family.

She died of pneumonia at her home in Pennsylvania on July 2, 1919

Her Education

Dr. Anna Howard Shaw was the first female minister in the Methodist Protestant Church. She bcame a licensed preacher in 1871. Preaching and Lectures on Temperence became very important to her, and provided the necessary funds for her to attend 2 years at Albion college. Because of her love to learn she decided to go on to attend Boston University's School of Theology. She was the only women in her class. She graduated college in 1878. Again because of her love to learn she decided to go bakc to Boston University to attend their medical school. She earned her M.D. in 1885, but never ended up practicing medicine.

Her Inspiration

Anna Shaws inspiration to keep learning and to teach and give lectures, was her family. No one in her family truly belived in her or htought that she would make it far.

Some of her Accomplishments/ legacy

Some of Anna Howard Shaw's accomplishments/legacies are:

~ Graduating college

~ First female minister in the Methodist Protestant Church.

~ Earning her MD from Boston University

~ During her lifetime she gave more than 10,000 lectures worldwide

~ During World War 1 Anna was head of the Womens Commitee of the United States Council of National Defense

~ Became the first woman to earn the Distinguished Service medal.

How she is remembered

She is remebered in many ways now! Here are some ways:

~ She was named after the Anna Howard Shaw junior high school 1922-1924

~ In 2000 she was added into the national women's hall of fame.

~ Statue in Big Rapids Michigan where she used to live

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