Technology Class

Emily Rasmussen

Typing Web

1. Typing Web helped me spell faster.

2. My spelling improved from typing web.

3. I memorized most of the keys on the keyboard because of typing Web.


1. Making an iTrailer helped me understand how the app iMoive works.

2. iTrailer helped me remember to take pictures of fun events.

3. My iTrailer helped me to know that I don't have to hide myself from others and to just be me.

Career Locker

1. Career Locker helped me think of what I want to do my life.

2. I learned about many different job occupations during Career Locker.

3. Also I learned the facts about my dream job.

Haiku Deck

1. Haiku Deck helped me make a slideshow for my dream job.

2. In Haiku Deck you can load different pictures to put in your slideshow.

3. Also Haiku Deck is and easy way to organize information.

Explain Everything

1. Explain Everything lets you do almost anything that you want to do to help well... Explain Everything!

2. A trait of Explain Everything is the laser point tool. This tool lets you point to what ever you want while explaining.

3.The project that we did in Explain Everything helped me explore the app more.

Hour of Code

1. Hour of Code week helped me realize that when apps are acting up to know that it was extremely hard to make and not to judge.

2. Also Hour of Code lets you do different activities like coloring while entering different codes.

3. I learned from Hour of Code that I do not want to be a computer programmer when I grow up.

Email Etiquette

1. Email Etiquette let me know that it is very important to be specific while emailing.

2. I know not to use text language while emailing because its email not texting.

3. Also Email Etiquette let me know how to properly address emails.