Paw Talk: Keys to Excellence

Week of May 9th- May 13th

Principal's Message

This week we are celebrating Teacher & Staff Appreciation Week! With only 23 days of school left, we can see the drain on some of our teachers' and staff's faces. You've run the marathon and now there is only a short sprint to the end of the year. You've invested countless hours, both at school and at home to pour your hearts into this school year. What makes the Birney Teachers and Staff unique is that despite how exhausted you might be (both mentally and physically) when we walk into your classrooms, offices, cafeteria, library, etc., you wouldn't know it. You wouldn't know that you were tired. You make your time in the classroom and at work matter every day. This is all because of two simple reasons: Teaching Matters. Students Matter.

As we get ready to celebrate Teacher & Staff Appreciation Week, I wanted to share the great things I get to observe on a regular basis that makes me appreciate our teaching and support staff.

  • I appreciate the joy and happiness I see when a teacher celebrates the progress of a student with colleagues, in a meeting, or with parents. Teaching Matters. Students Matter.
  • I appreciate when we are short-staffed in the office and our office ladies and other support staff step in to help in any way they could, regardless of their job description. Students matter.
  • I appreciate when we need last minute coverage for the classroom or office and staff members willingly give up their time to help a colleague in need. Teaching Matters. Students Matter.
  • I appreciate the tears in the eyes of staff as they share a concern, frustration, or worry about a student they so desperately want to help and support. Students Matter.
  • I appreciate the times teachers and staff dip into their own pockets to buy snacks, lunches, special rewards, and incentives for our students just to build rapport, relationships, and to ensure our kids don't go hungry. Teaching Matters. Students Matter.
  • I appreciate how a whole group of adults can band around students to support them and their families in times of need. Teaching Matters. Students Matter.
  • I appreciate knowing that when I walk down the halls of Alice Birney Elementary, I am able to be the lead learner of adults that genuinely want what is best for ALL kids. This is a special place. Teaching Matters. Students Matter.

This week, we will celebrate YOU! I hope you feel truly appreciated, not only during this special week but throughout the school year. It is my goal to show appreciate to you year-round. Let's show our appreciation for one another by adding to the Haiku dialogue this week. Let's share why we appreciate our colleagues and why teaching and students matter. I look forward to our Haiku dialogue this week!

So Many Great "Happenings" this Week

Thumbs Up

-"Thumbs Up" to Sarina for all she's done for our students, teachers, staff and school! She will be greatly missed! BHS is lucky to have her!

-"Thumbs Up" to Tamra for showing true leadership skills handling a situation while Ginna & Jessica were off campus!

-"Thumbs Up" to all of our teachers who attended the Twitter 101 training. It was great fun watching you grow and experience new learning!

"Thumbs Up" to all of our classroom teachers for your support with the Jump Rope for Heart fundraiser!

-"Thumbs Up" to everyone who had the opportunity to give us feedback on the Needs Assessments survey!

Week at a Glance

Monday, 5/9
  • Teacher & Staff Appreciation Day 1: "'Nacho' Your Average Teachers & Staff"-Nacho Bar in Room 3
  • Book Fair runs through Friday: Buy 1, Get 1 Free-open until 3:00 p.m.
  • 8:00-3:15 CC Training @ SDC-Correa, Henry, Brower
  • 8:30-10:30 Management Mtg.-Gomez & Slocum
  • 12:05 IEP: C. Arciga-Correa @ Slocum's office
  • 1:00 IEP: P. Hernandez Medina-D'Silva @ Slocum's office
  • 2:15 PBIS Team meeting @ Rm. 18

Tuesday, 5/10

  • Teacher & Staff Appreciation Day 2: "We Appreciate You to the 'Core'"-mailbox surprise
  • ESL Class cancelled

Wednesday, 5/11

  • Teacher & Staff Appreciation Day 3: "Teacher & Staff Appreciation BBQ" @ Room 3 & Patio at 1:00
  • 8:00-11:00 PBIS Tiered Fidelity Inventory visit
  • 1:00 Staff Appreciation BBQ @ Rm. 3

Thursday, 5/12
  • Teacher & Staff Appreciation Day 4: "Thank you for Helping our Students Bloom"-mailbox surprise
  • 8:00-10:00 ESL Class @ Rm. 18
  • PBIS Prize Closet
  • 4:30-6:00 Math Family Night

Friday, 5/13

  • Teacher & Staff Appreciation Day 5: "Take 'Note'; You are Appreciated"-mailbox surprise
  • Principal's Meeting-Gomez & Slocum; Teacher in Charge TBD
  • 8:00-1:15 5th grade Field Trip to Jurupa Cultural Center
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  • If you would like to request a sub for your End of Year Assessments, please sign up on the following link: You can use this day to do any number of End of Year assessments, such as DRA/BRI, Literacy Survey, DIBELS, etc. Please order your subs early using Code 6. We can order 2 subs per day. Once you sign up for a date, go ahead and order your sub. You do not need to be approved. If all the spots fill up and you still need a date, please let me know and we'll make it happen.
  • Just a little reminder from Rosie...please sign up for a time slot to attend the mandatory American Fidelity Benefits meetings on 5/16 & 5/17. See Rosie if you have any questions.
  • Jump Rope for Heart jumping event Wednesday, May 18th.

Deadlines and Important Dates

  • End of Year DRA/BRI assessments to be inputted to our schoolwide reading data Google sheet ( by the last day of school. Progress Monitoring students should be completed by Fri., 5/20.
  • DIBELS window: 5/9-5/31
  • 1st & 2nd grade ELA & Math Benchmark Window: 5/16-6/3
  • 1st & 2nd grade Writing Prompt Window: 5/9-6/3
  • Kinder Literacy Survey Window: 5/9-5/26
  • Kinder Math Benchmark Window: 5/16-6/3
  • American Fidelity Open Enrollment & Audit Mandatory meetings: 5/16 & 5/17
  • Progress Monitoring Meetings: 5/20
  • End of TOA Intervention Groups: Thurs., 5/26
  • Teacher Recess Day: 5/27
  • Volunteer Celebration: 5/31
  • Quarter 4 PBIS Golden Ticket Water Day: 6/2
  • Quarter 4 AR Treat: 6/6
  • Perfect Attendance Party: 6/7
  • 6th Grade Promotion: 6/9

Happy Birthday to our May Baby!

5/14: Priscilla Cortez, Cafeteria Lead

Volunteer Celebration: Tues., May 31st

Our Volunteer Celebration has been scheduled for , May 31st. We have a great program lined up for the event. The committee is asking for names of your wonderful Volunteers to be inputted into the following Google sheet: by Wednesday, May 18th so we can get the invitations sent home. Please add any names of volunteers who have helped at some point throughout the school year. Each grade level has a tab at the bottom of the Google sheet.

As a "thank you" to our volunteers, this amazing staff has traditionally donated breakfast items for the event. We are asking for your generous contributions once again. In the staff lounge, you will find a "Volunteer Celebration Food Sign Up." If you are able to donate a breakfast item, please sign up in Room 3. You can contact Jessica, Natalie, or Noha with any other questions you might have. Thank you for your help in making this event a true success.

Blogs, Tweets, Pins, and so much more!

Hyperdocs Padlet

This padlet is a "live" document where teachers keep adding to it. It has mostly middle school examples, but if you scan through the links, you will find elementary level resources. I saw a lot of great resources! Happy "Padleting"!

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