The Great War

Stories inspired by items from the first world war

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Title: The Great War

Author: Jim Kay

Publisher: Candlestick Press

ISBN Number: 978-0-7636-7554-7

Genre: Historicial Fiction

Awards: None

I personally love this book because i love the historical fiction genre. This book has alot of facts about World War 1 and how,when,what,had happened. I feel like if you have never read a single book in your life about historical fiction that this book would not be for you.

All of these 11 people that have a story in this book seem to know what there talking about because they go into so much detail. I also really love the pictures in this book, Illistrated by Jim Kay. Even though there black and white, I feel like they show so much emotion. That's a few reasons why i love the book "The Great War: Stories Inspired By Items From The First World War"

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The War To End All Wars

A group of stories inspired by objects from the First World War. It is a collection of stories by bestselling authors, each inspired by a different object from the First World War. Each object is an aspect of life during the war, and each one of these eleven stories reminds us of the millions of individual lives that were changed forever by the fighting.

Some of the authors That had stories in the book "The Great War"


The stories ... say something profound about memory and loss and what it means to wage war. ... Each story, lovingly crafted, shows a different facet of war in the same way that each artifact reflects something different about the time. ... Black-and-white illustrations by Kay and photos and descriptions of each artifact complete the whole. Extraordinary.
—Kirkus Reviews

Eleven authors mark the centenary of WWI with original short stories that are simultaneously poignant, thought-provoking, and relevant.... Kay’s haunting b&w illustrations bookend each story, exploding into pointy geometric shapes that recall shrapnel. Explanations of the featured objects conclude this evocative, potent anthology.

—Publishers Weekly

The writers of the short stories in this collection use different styles, forms, and genres, including poetry. The stories will prompt readers to question the impact and damage—not only physical—that can result from war, and encourage them to consider whether anyone benefits from it.
—Literacy Daily