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Recreation and entertainment

There are lots of places in Alaska to go sight seeing. You can see history museums, tour the state capital and explore the meadows and lakes. There are old Indian villages and totem poles. Hiking and climbing are also popular in Alaska. For example you can climb Mount McKinley and see how high you can get. Cruise ships or farrys can take you to one of Alaska's 15 national parks or 16 wild life refugees. A popular sport in Alaska is dog sled racing. This is called the Ididrod. A team of dogs race around Alaska, pulling someone on a sled.


Along time ago a land bridge connected Alaska and Asia. Native Americans came across the land bridge to America. After a long time, in 1741,the first Europeans arrived in Alaska. In 1867 Americans bought Alaska for 7.2 million dollars! In 1880 Junue discovered gold and a huge gold rush began. In 1913, Women got the right to vote in Alaska and in 1945 American won WW11. Not long after Alaska became a state on Jan. 3 1959. Did you know that in 2001 Alaska got to host the World Winter Games?

Land forms/geography

Did you know Alaska is the largest state? In fact it is two times as big as Texas. Alaska has 17 of America's 20 highest peaks. Mount McKinley rises about 20,320 feet in the air (being the tallest mountain in America). Speaking of mountains there are 80 active volcanos and the nations third longest river. It is also the fifth longest in North America. Do you know what river it is? It is the Youcon River. Alaska has more costline than any other state and a lot of its thousands of Islands and penisulas.

Fun Facts

Alaska has some cities with very unusual names. For example, Cundle, Beaver, King Salmon, and Dead Horse. Some of the state nicknames are The Last Frontier and the Land of the Midnight Sun. I bet you didn't know that the state bird is the Willow, or that the state tree is the Sitka! The state motto is "North to the Future", no kidding when there lowest temperature is -80F. Can you believe about 604,000 people have to live with that weather? Would you like to do the state sport of dog mushing in that weather? I wouldn't!
Alaska is perfect for spirited and scenic adventures