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Manitoba Geography,Places and Area

Manitoba is the eastern-most of the "prairie provinces".The capital city of Manitoba is Winnipeg and has a population of approximately 1,208,000 people and an area of 250,000 square miles and the 8th largest province in the country.

Manitoba's Food and culture,and

Festivals take place everywhere in Manitoba,especially Winnipeg,mostly because it is it's capital.Manitoba's 4 professional sports/teams are the Winnipeg Blue Bombers (football), the Winnipeg Jets(Hockey),and the Manitoba Moose(Hockey).

Manitoba history.

Manitoba became a province of Canada on July 15 1870.The province Manitoba got it's name from Lake Manitoba. "Mini" and "tobow" means "Lake of the province".It may also come from "Man-into-wahpaow",but nobody knows for sure how Manitoba got its name. These are just a few ways people thought Manitoba got its name.The Provincial flag was adopted on May 12,1966.The flag depicts the Union Jack and Manitoba Provincial Flag.The main symbol of the shield is a bison.

Places To Visit in Manitoba

The White Spruce Tree is the place to visit of the winter.It is able to withstand any weather or storm in Manitoba.This tree is most know for the traditional Christmas tree because of its shape.

Manitoba Fun Facts

Manitoba is located in the center of Canada.It also offers continental climates.Their provincial bird is the great gray owl and the Prairie Corous is the province's flower.