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Newsletter September 18th, 2014

Start the Sun-Volution - Action now!

The world´s first AC panel with storage on board goes 2nd generation.

We are now ready to take orders for our brand-new series:

Plug&Save 200 Watt Light&Optimus

Plug&Save 250 Watt Light&Optimus


to all friends and partners of Sun Invention

We are facing the 3rd year Plug&Save, the ultimate start of the new power concept and we are still satisfied about the many press releases discuss our concepts. As we just recognized that the PV prices are still going down and the global success of the PV industry is unstoppable.

The people now realized that the 100 years of blindness in the field of energy is over and thanks to us the people start to act themselves. The SCHUKO is now - thanks to our power - the new standard plug. All people learn intensive how to work with these power unit on a save way. Furthermore we are happy that we are not alone anymore and we have a real competition within our industry to run. We from Sun Invention take the challenge and are absolutely sure to keep ahead of the industry.


on the 08.08.2014 Sun Invention announced the SUN-VOLUTION. The global lifestyle idea around energy and the concepts behind. It is elementary for us to push the following 3 words in order to bring a global change into the mind of the people:




In the next days we will release much more information packages and ideas around the SUN-VOLUTION. We are facing interesting times.

new warehouse in the UK

this month we moved into our new warehouse in London, UK. This gives Sun Invention the possibility to enter and participate in the growing market in the UK. We enter a new partnership with one of the biggest forwarder worldwide. Great opportunities.
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