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New Books and Resources to Start Your Year!

I hope you've had a fantastic start to your school year! Thank you for welcoming me into your classrooms to read aloud to your students. It's my favorite part of the day!

I recently found a letter to teachers on a parenting blog for moms that I loved. Here's a small excerpt:

Bottom line, sweet teachers: school just started, and I’ll bet you’re wiped out and definitely a little lighter in the bank account; but I see you. I see how hard you’ve worked before the first day of school even started. I see that you chose this job not to get rich or famous. I see that you chose this job because you love it and the kids, and because you know that the sacrifices you’ve made, money you’ve spent, and hours you’ve dedicated outside of that building are molding our younger generation to grow up to do big things.

Wonderful teachers, we’re in this together, and I see you.

I am so grateful to work with all of you. We're in this together.


New Book Recommendations!

Reading Ideas

Authors Who Skype With Classes for FREE!

I love Skype visits! The authors listed on this page offer FREE 15-20 minute question and answer sessions with classes that have read one of their books. Check it this amazing list of authors! If you have never done an author Skype visit, I'm happy to help you set it up and arrange the technology!

Picture Books to Build a Community

Check out this great collection of books to start the school year and build a classroom community!


It's not too late to get started! #classroombookaday is a goal or challenge to share a picture book read aloud every day of the school year... at any grade level. It's a fantastic goal for all of our K-5 classrooms. There are some great ideas for displaying your daily read aloud books in order to track your classroom reading for the year!

Writing Ideas

Write At the Start: No More Morning Worksheets

This post by Kathleen Sokolowski from the Two Writing Teachers blog explains the importance of a "soft start" to the school day. She shares a number of ideas for having students start the day with writing or other literacy activities.

Nudging Students to Think of Ideas

I love the tips and ideas in this post for supporting students in finding ideas for their writing! These ideas could be used or adapted for K-5 classrooms.

From Dependent to Independent: Four Ways to Begin Tomorrow

Great post with ideas and suggestions for primary teachers!

Poetry Everyday in 5 Minutes or Less

Check out this post with lots of ideas for incorporating more poetry in your classroom.

A Fall To-Do List for Shared Writing in Your K-2 Classroom

Another post full of ideas for incorporating more shared writing in your classroom at the start of the year!

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