Puma Periodical

December 2014

Wow! Where'd December go?!

Can you believe that we are only one week away from yet another break from school? We're so excited in LA that we started a classroom countdown. Right now it reads..."6 School Days YAY!" While there are only three weeks separating Thanksgiving Break and our upcoming Holiday Break, a lot has happened in the world of Puma language arts. See below for more details!

Paws and Claws Poetry!

All four classes have been focusing on nothing but poetry for the past two weeks! It's our mini unit that connects unit two to unit three, each year! We have had so much fun just trying to appreciate poetry. We even have been keeping a Poetry Poll in each class. It currently reads as follows:

1st Period

Hate Poetry: 7

Undecided about Poetry: 9

Love Poetry: 17

2nd Period:

Hate Poetry: 5

Undecided about Poetry: 8

Love Poetry: 18

3rd Period:

Hate Poetry: 1

Undecided about Poetry: 13

Love Poetry: 11

5th Period:

Hate Poetry: 7

Undecided about Poetry: 14

Love Poetry: 10

We have been successfully converting students into poetry lovers little by little!



Each class has been learning about poetry through the acronym of SIFT.

For Paws this means: Sound Devices, Imagery, Figurative Language, and Theme

For Claws this means: Symbolism, Imagery, Figurative Language, Tone/Theme

Give your student a poem and see if they can "SIFT" through it!

SARAH KAY: Ms. Coyne's Favorite (Young) Spoken Word Poet

Sarah Kay: If I should have a daughter ...