National Multiple Sclerosis Society

create a world free of MS


The ultimate goal of the National MS Society is to rid the world of multiple sclerosis. The society is moving to raise awareness of the disease and help individuals living with MS and their families. In addition to raising awareness, they are always working to raise money for research towards a cure.

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About Multiple Sclerosis

MS is a disease that affects 400,000 Americans, and about 2.1 million people worldwide. Each affected person can display different symptoms. The worst symptoms include paralysis, problems with vision, and difficulties with cognition and speech.

The money raised by the MS Society goes to researchers who are always working to develop new and better medicines that stop progression of the disease, reverse its effects on individuals, and eventually find a cure.

Get Involved

Join us in our efforts to rid the world of Multiple Sclerosis by taking part in one of our fundraising events. Every year, we have many Walk MS events around the country. Encourage your friends, family members, and colleagues to sponsor your walk, or you can create a team to walk with you.

In addition to yearly walks, we have a similar Bike MS event. We also encourage fundraising outside of our scheduled events.