A Christmas Carol

By: Ethan Thomas

Stave 1

Scrooge - greedy, grouchy, selfish

Bob Cratchit - hard worker, nice, caring

Jacob Marley -worked with Scrooge, best friend of scrooge, dead

Scrooge's nephew - friendly, young, excited for Christmas

Young boy singing - caring, nice, kind

Marley's ghost - chained, ghost, big

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Stave 2

The ghost took Scrooge to his old school. He saw himself sitting there when he was a little kid. He was all alone during Christmas time. Scrooge had nowhere to go for Christmas. He wanted Scrooge to know that he had a bad childhood but that shouldn't be the reason for him being a grouch.
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Stave 3

The ghost was big with a green robe. He showed Scrooge around town. He showed him all the rich people. Then he went the bad part of town with the poor people and showed him the poor people. He wanted to show them even if you don't have a lot you can still be happy and there is no reason for him to be a grouch all the time.
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Stave 4

This ghost was all black and very skinny. He took Scrooge to see people talking about him when he died. People were talking about going to his funeral. No one wanted to go unless there was food. The ghost showed Scrooge this because he wanted him to know that no one wanted to go to his funeral.
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Stave 5

Stave 5 is when you can really see the changes in Scrooge. At the beginning he is freaking out because he is excited and doesn't know what day it is. He order a chicken for Bob. He gives Bob a raise. He is happier and changing. Hopefully he keeps it up and lives a nice afterlife.
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