Erika Valentine

Adventure to Sedona

Spring break was a very exiting week for the Valentine family. They spent seven days in sunny Arizona with their whole family. Many days they found themselves relaxing at the pool but one day they decided to take a road trip from Scottsdale to Sedona. So they packed up the Jeep and took off.

The first city they stopped was Presscott. They found this city very cool because it was like an old western town. The small saloons and clothing stores were new to this family because where they live they don't have a community like this. After stopping by a few stores and a pub, they made there was out of Presscott and on there way to Jerome.

They had a surprise coming there way, the drive up the steep mountain. The snake life roads and height they were reaching made them nervous. Soon the roads started to decline and the family arrived midway down the mountain, in the city on stilts, Jerome.

The one narrow street was lined with small shops and ice cream parlors. Again the families explored the hippie like town enjoying every minute. Soon the sun would be setting so the family decided to drive down the rest of the mountain to make sure they could see the orange colored mounting in the sunlight.

Sedona was more beautiful than they expected. The sun hitting the mountains reflected the vibrate color across the valley. Picture after picture they enjoyed there day and they were readying to begin the long trek home. As they drove away from the beautiful city they shout "Bye Sedona!"

Internet Best Friends

Spring break was a very exiting week for 14 year old Erika Valentine. Over the course of a year she took the chance of becoming close friends with someone who lives thousands of miles away. Erika says "Sophia and I met over Twitter. She followed me and I followed her back. I guess we bonded over our love for music.".

Erika traveled down to Arizona for spring break to spend some time with her grandfather, but also thought it would be amazing if Sophia and her could meet for the first time in person. March 28th, 2015 is when that day finally came. Of course there were tears shed but most of the time they'd spent laughing and enjoying her time with her best friend. This just shows that not all people on the Internet aren't dangerous.

Mexican Cowboy

On March 31st, 2014 Megan Wood went to Mexico. After a long day of exploring Mexico, Megan Wood wanted to do something interesting. Early that day she grabbed a flyer for a Guerilla Show (Mexican Cowboy Show). Her and her family thought it would be really fun to go and check it out. When they arrived they felt underdressed because everyone attending was wearing a sombrero. They made it down to the very front to make sure they had good seats.

Soon the show started with flashing lights. They were so excited for the performers to come on stage. A short Mexican cowboy walked onstage with a large lasso. Once the music started he started swinging the last over his legs and under his legs. After the show Megan and her family left the building laughing. They really enjoyed there time and recommend if your ever in Mexico, check out the Guerilla Show.