Jeroen van Eck

Topsport results through personal improvement!

Short impression

I am Jeroen van Eck a Dutch mountain biker who is specialized in cross country eliminator racing. I'm a U23 racer who competes in the Elite category for eliminator racing and I won in 2015 the Dutch national title and the European Championship!
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Name: Jeroen van Eck

Born: 05-14-1993

Place of Birth: Ubbergen, Netherlands

Weight/Height: 74 kg/182 cm

Hometown: Leuth

Team: MPL Specialized MTB Team

Study: Bachelor Business Engineering (Technische bedrijfskunde)

Hobbies: Quality time with friends, cooking


I started riding the mountainbike when I was 7 years old.

The Format [XCE]

The eliminator track is about 500 to 1000 meters and takes the riders about 2 minutes to complete. The track has a lot of similarities to a cross-country course with a climb, downhill and technical sections before a long straightaway leading to the finish.

On a given course all riders compete in an individual time trail with the best 32 advancing to the finals. In the finals it works like a knockout system, you race with 3 other guys.

The start sign goes and from that moment there is just one mode, race mode! Two hard minutes ahead of you, an explosive start, fast corners, jumps and attacks are part of the race plan. At the finish line there is just one goal, to finish 1st or 2nd so you qualify for the next round (1/8, 1/4, semifinals and a big final).

For the spectators there is a lot to see. It’s spectacular, it goes fast, crashes guaranteed and its easy to follow. With a few cameras you can show the whole race. When you compare the sports during last Winter Olympics in 2014 with eliminator racing, there are a lot of similarities. So Eliminator races could be a great format to add to the Summer Olympics.

Promo City Mountainbike (I'm wearing the dutch jersey)

2015 City Mountainbike Belgium



NOC*NSF A-status


1st European Championships [XCE]

1st National Championships [XCE]

1st Bundesliga Heubach [XCE]

3rd Nation Championships [XCO]

3rd Bundesliga Wombach [XCE]


4th European Championships [XCE]

2nd National Championships [XCE]

4th National Championships [XCO]

7th World Cup Windham [XCE]