Coniferous Forest (Taiga)

Kim-San Ngo

Life in Taiga

This biome is called the Coniferous forest or the Taiga. In the Taiga there are some biotic factors, caribou ,raccoon and lichens. There are also abiotic factors such as snow, air, sun. It usually gets 12-33 inches of precipitation each year and temperatures range from -65-30 degrees in winter and 20-70 degrees in the summer. This biome is know for being the largest terrestrial biome.

Human effects

Positive and negative effects

Human need this biome because it has permafrost which preserves plants and animals in the cold for a long time. Scientist can use permafrost to learn about climate.

Humans affect this biome because when we move we pollute the air which disturbs wild life. When we cut down trees we are destroying animal habitats.

We can help this biome but reusing and recycling out products. We also have logging industries to keep the login in the taiga is efficient.

Food web

Interesting facts

For 6 months of a year, temps are below freezing.

Taiga is a Russian word for Forest.