Salcha Family Newsletter

Dear Salcha families,

Welcome to the downhill slide! The weather is gorgeous and the birds are singing. We still have much to do, however. The AIMSWeb (diagnostic screener for K-2) testing window opens today through April 7th. The AKSTAR (diagnostic screener for 3-5) testing window opens April 10th through April 20th.

We will be holding our final Title I Family Engagement event on May 2nd. This event will be focused on reading. May 10th is our outdoor school. More info. coming soon. May 11th is our Safety Day. May 12th will be our all-school hike followed by s'mores. All are welcome!!!

Mr. B. will be moving to New York following the end of this school year. Mrs. Gray will be our SPED and P.E. teacher beginning next school year. She is endorsed and we expect great things.

Artist in Residence continues this week!!!

  • Ms. Daniella will lead one art lesson per class, each week for the next three weeks
  • Each student will be bringing home three wonderful works of art (1/lesson)
  • Mondays: Mrs. Schlumbohm
  • Wednesdays: Ms. Cox
  • Fridays: Ms. Connell

Upcoming Dates to Remember

  • Mrs. Schlumbohm UAF field trip: 3/20
  • AIMSWeb spring assessment window opens for K-2: 3/20
  • Ms. Cox UAF field trip: 3/21
  • Mrs. Schlumbohm Morris Thompson Cultural Museum field trip & District Science Fair: 3/23
  • Ms. Cox Auto Museum field trip: 3/23
  • Lockdown Drill: 3/29

TITLE I Information...


  • Each of our classes will be enjoying two academic field trips throughout the second semester.
  • Each class will receive three 1-hour art sessions with a local artist and get to take home their very own canvas painting.
  • In May, students will work with the same artist and paint a Salcha mural for our school.
  • Our outdoor school in May will have creative centers for learning spread around the school that students will rotate through.
  • May 2nd is our Family Reading Night where students will get to take home their very own books we purchased for them via the Barnes and Noble website.

All of the above, as well as all we've done to date, is funded by our Title I funds. When enough families complete the free and reduced meal application, we continue to qualify as a Title I school. Families can support this process by completing the application at the beginning of each new school year.

  • If we do not have enough families complete the application process, we could lose our Title I status and the funding that comes with it.
  • Even if you feel your family may not qualify, it truly helps us the most if 100% of our families complete the application each year.
  • I have attached a link to the application, below.

  • Take a look at the UAF Family Programs being offered, below!

  • When dropping off late students, remember to please call or sign in at the front office so that (Administrative Secretary) can excuse the absence. Classroom teachers submit their attendance by 9:30 AM.

Thank you for all you do!

Warmest Regards,

Nick Hoy


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