The Beehive State By Colin

Some Cool Stuff About Utah.

Utah's nickname is the Beehive State because there is a lot of beehives in Utah and there's a lot of bees there. Utah State tree is the Blue spruce that's a pretty cool tree to be the State tree in Utah I wonder why it has such a weird name.Utah's Colorado river is super cool and it goes through the super high mountain it pretty long river.They also have a river called The Green river that also goes pretty far.Utah's highest point is Kings Peak.Utah is known for there mountains.Utah's State snack is jello.Utah has a some very long rivers in there State and I don't know how long there rivers are there. Utah also had a famous football player that lived there his name was Steve Young he played for the San Francisco Giants. Utah's population is 2,233,169 that's a lot of people that live is Utah. Utah is perfect to go skiing in because they have snow up in the mountains so you can go skiing up in the mountains and ski.Utah covers more than 84,899 of the land that's a lot of land.The Mormons were the first to settle in Utah. Utah only has one nickname.You can also go on bike rides in the rocky mountains.


Utah has very beautiful land because when the Sun set it looks really cool.Utah also has very long plains and 2 rivers the green river and the Colorado river they are pretty long. Utah also has canyons,cliffs,lakes,mountains,forest,deserts,and plateaus in there land. Utah has very nice land in there state.

Utah's Mountains

Utah's mountains are very cool and they are very huge we don't have those big mountains in are state.


Utah's National State Parks

Utah's Flag

Utah's flag is very cool.

Utah's State Seal

Utah's State Seal is Industry.I thought it was something else.

Utah's Jobs

Utah does a lot of mining for copper,oil,silver, and Natural gas in there state.Utah has a lot of skiing resorts in there state also.Click here
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Utah's Sunset.

This is Utah's sunset on the mountains it's really cool.