Mrs. Schettone's News!

January 11th-15th

Our Week In Review!

This week in Language Arts...
  • We learned about the phonics skill of short /e/ and long /e/! We read "The Best Nest" and made a web identifying many short /e/ words that we heard and learned about from the story! We then read "The Queen Bee's Sceam" and made a web identifying many long /e/ words! Students then practiced both skills throughout the week!
  • We focused on the concept of "Growing Up." We read the concept book "Growing Up" and then students completed a four illustration web drawing pictures of four things that children can do as they grow! Students then wrote one sentence explaining each of their pictures!
  • We read the trade book "Little Quack" and learned many new amazing words! After we read the story, students wrote about a time that they were brave and did something that scared them!
  • Students finished their verb writing and their writing pieces look amazing! Be sure to check them out as they are hanging in our classroom!
  • We had reading groups and literacy centers!
  • Students worked in a writing center with Mrs. Schettone completing their "Me as a baby vs. Me as a Kid" writing! Thank you so much for sending in baby pictures! The final pieces are coming out fantastic!

This week in Math....

  • We continued our study of Addition!
  • Students learned about the plus and equals sign!
  • Students learned how to count "in all" and learned how to answer "how many."
  • Students learned to write and addition sentence!
  • Students took their Addition Math Test!
  • Students worked in centers to complete domino addition and making ten activities!

This week in Social Studies....

  • Students learned about Diversity!
  • We read "Leo the Late Bloomer", which is about a lion who is very slow to learn to do everything! However, his parents allow him to learn at his own pace and one day, he is able to do everything he once wasn't able to! Afterwards, students wrote about one thing they are really good at in their journals!
  • We read "A Bad Case of the Stripes", which is about a girl who wakes up one morning covered in stripes. Her stripes then change to other patterns as her mood changes and people make fun of her. Students then learned that everyone is unique and different, so it is not polite or kind to make fun of someone! Afterwards, students took a black and white photo of themselves and added stripes! They then drew pictures all around their photo of things they like and are good at to show how unique and different everyone in our class is!
  • We read "Hooway for Wodney Wat", which is about a rat who has a speech impediment. His classmates constantly make fun of him because he cannot pronounce his R's. He then bravely faces a class bully and everyone in his class admires him for being such a great friend. Students learned that everyone is different and no matter what makes them different, friends should treat each other the way they would like to be treated! You never know when you're going to need a good friend to help you!
  • We read two Scholastic News Magazines including :Let's Find Out About Winter Birds and Let's Find Out About Winter Activities! We read each magazine and then explored our online portal where the magazine was reread to us, we watched a video that supported the subject of the magazine, and we go to play a game practicing a language art skill!
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  • Phonics: short and long /i/
  • Language Arts: Kevin Henkes Author Study!
  • Math: Time to the Hour
  • Social Studies: Martin Luther King Jr.
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  • No School on Monday-Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!
  • 1st Grade Look Ahead Night is Wednesday, January 27th! Please RSVP to Ms. Monteiro at
  • Barnes and Noble Night Exton is Friday, February 5th!
  • Lemonciello Dining Night Chester Springs is Thursday, February 11th!
  • No School on Friday, February 12th due to Teacher In-Service!
  • No School on Monday, February 15th due to President's Day!