Pros and Cons

of Funding Higher Education

Pros of Providing Funding

More students will be likely to attend college because the funds will be mainly going to loans. They will also be able to stay in school longer since they will be given more money. Since we will have an increase in students, we will also have an increase in the world standings. We will also decrease the gap between low and high-income families since it will be easier for the poor to afford college.

Cons of Providing Funding

It could potentially cost billions of dollars to support higher education because of the growing costs in tuition. This results in loss of money for other government issues.

Pros of Reducing Funding

We may be able to fix the past and current poor planning of government money. Teachers will have to think of more efficient ways to use certain objects. This can result in paper reduction which will save more trees. They may also need to think of energy efficient practices. They would also have to use their time more wisely because their budgets and salary would begin to be cut.

Cons of Reducing Funding

You will lose a lot of exposure to higher education. Students will not be able to afford it as easy. This could result in our world standings to decrease further down the scale. There will also be an elimination of special needs programs. Special needs programs are usually the first to go when there are budget cuts, because they say they do not have the money for the care they need to support the child.