Nuclear engineering


What this career is all about.

A nuclear engineers job is to is to study ways to use radioactive materials to create nuclear energy . They develop theories and conduct them to discover new information about radioactivty. They also design or can modify nuclear reactors and equipment based on their research. Nuclear energy is energy used from dying atoms .

What degree or classes do you need to take to be qualified?

you need a bachelor’s Degree in nuclear engineering many employers prefer that applicants have a masters degree. You must be licensed by taking a professional engineering exam. Some engineers working on government projects have to pass security checks

Good classes to take in high school are.

You should try to take calculus,chemistry ,physics , statistics and ;probability

,Technical writing and trigonometry/Advanced algebra .

As far as tech school/college the classes or degree I would need:

I would need at lest a bachelor degree in nuclear engineering.

What is tuition per year?

University of New Mexico tuition per year is 20,644

How much will your total tuition be?


General  idea of everyday  living costs.

Housing 24,000

Food/groceries $16,000

Gas money 10,000

Clothing 4,000

Total tuition 80,000

GRAND TOTAL COST OF GOING TO COLLEGE (housing, food, gas, clothing, and tuition)= $ 134,000

Do you think you will need to apply for loans, financial aid, and/or scholarships?  Do you think you will need to at least get a part­time job to help with costs? 

Yes I think I will need to get a scholarship and a part time job so that I can try to remain out of money troubles .

Do you feel this is a career you may want to pursue in  the future? and because 

Yes because i like this area of science alot and because the salary is good pay. Also because I thought this was a very interesting job.

Associations/Professional Organizations for this Career .

HTTP://American nuclear

HTTP://Society of women

Pros and Cons of this Job.


1) Good job outlook

2) lots of money

3) I like this job


1)lost of schooling

2) can be exposed to high levels of radiation


2.Unm. edu



Are you into science ? Do you like Atoms? Well if yes then you should become a nuclear engineer. with a national average for a salery being 83,260 your sure to be able to take a few vacation .you must get a bachelors degree and a license but that’s nothing. you could work in power plants or in a research lab . you would study ways to uses radioactive materials for energy .so become a nuclear engineer today!